• An unusual piece – this wooden bowl is made by hand from sweet chestnut and willow using the same methods as for a Sussex trug. This lovely little bowl is in great condition and would be ideal for storing fruit, eggs or berry harvests, or for decorative use around the home.


    This bowl measures 20cm (8 inches) diameter and stands 10cm (4 inches) high.


    Poles of chestnut (Castanea sativa) are split into thin sections before being hand shaved to produce a smooth finish. They are then steamed to make them supple before being bent to produce the rim. Cricket bat willow (Salix coerulea) is split and sawn into strips to form the boards that create the bowl and are nailed to the frame with copper nails. Wooden legs are secured to the base of the bowl so that it sits evenly on a flat surface.


    It is a beautiful piece of English horticultural heritage that deserves to take pride of place in your home.

    Sussex trug bowl

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