• A fabulous enamel wash tub or basin in excellent condition that could be repurposed for practical or decorative use in your home or garden.


    This wash tubs have a glossy white exterior with either a royal blue or black contrasting upper rim, and a carry handle at each side.


    They are in good solid condition and could be repurposed as container for a collection of small pots in your garden or yard, or as a planter if a few holes were drilled into the base.


    Coming in two sizes, the larger tub has a top diameter of 40.5cm (16½ inches), with a base diameter of 28cm (11 inches) and it stands 18cm (7 inches) high. The medium tub is 37.5cm (14¾ inches), 26.5cm (10½ inches), 18cm (7 inches), for the same measurements.

    White enamel tub with contrast rim


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