RHS London Spring Launch and Orchid Show

April 7th & 8th 2020

The Royal Horticultural Halls

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  • A perfect mix of practicality and style - a fabulous vintage bucket just crying out for a new life as a shabby chic planter in your yard or garden.


    The outside surface has a wonderful patina typical of aged galvanised metal. The surface has residue of cement and paint which could be cleaned up if required, but shows real few signs of age and wear – it looks just as good as it probably did in the 1960s and has a wonderful visual character.


    The solid metal handle is in impeccable condition, moves easily and the fastenings are well secured to the body of the vessel.


    Measurements: 30cm (12in) top diameter, 25.5cm (10in) height.

    Galvanised bucket

    SKU: 1161