• A vintage terracotta plant pot originally used for seed sowing and raising small seedlings. This beautiful pot exhibit variations and inconsistencies of production with minor imperfections such as small chips, uneven shapes, air bubbles or small gravel pieces in the clay. Each one of these practical pots has a single irregular drainage hole in the base.


    These pots have a multitude of uses today: they can be uses for potted herbs on your patio or deck, for small bulb displays in autumn and winter, for garden-themed wedding favours, or for displays of auriculas and succulents. Sourced from the site of a West Sussex farm, these pots were quite literally dug out of the ground beneath a hedgerow.


    Each pot measures (approximately) 7cm top diameter, 4.5cm base diameter and 7.5cm tall, with minor variances.


    These exquisite examples of early 20th century English pottery will make a gorgeous individual or group display anywhere in your home or garden.

    Terracotta pot

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