RHS London Spring Launch and Orchid Show

April 7th & 8th 2020

The Royal Horticultural Halls

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  • A fabulous and stylish item evoking the markets of Marrakech, these lightweight, but sturdy, rustic wooden fruit crates will add a bit of vintage chic to any house or garden.


    Each one stands 23cm (9 inches) tall, with a base 36cm (14 inches) by 18cm (7 inches). The sides of the crates taper outwards to the top giving upper edge dimensions of 48cm (19 inches) by 32cm (12½ inches).


    Constructed from balsa wood, each crate has clear signs of use but could be used in a multitude of ways including fireside log baskets, fruit harvest baskets and hand tool storage. You could even line them with pretty fabrics and use them as large bread baskets for summer picnics and barbecues!


    Wooden slats are fastened together using metal staples with bent strips of wood forming the frames at the top and bottom. Shorter straight pieces have been attached at each of the longer side to create a handle of sorts. Each crate is slightly different – some have French language paper labels attached, some have ink stamps on the wood, all are full of character.

    These fruit baskets, now retired from the markets, would be endlessly useful inside or outside the home.

    Moroccan fruit basket

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