RHS London Spring Launch and Orchid Show

April 7th & 8th 2020

The Royal Horticultural Halls

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  • An authentic agricultural tray from the 1970s/80s – perfect for your shed, garden or cottage chic home.


    These rustic wooden trays are well made and secured with nails. At either end is a raised strut that serves to create carry handles and also allows the trays to be stacked, while maintaining good air circulation between them.

    These trays would have been used in farms for storing bulbs and tubers. Producers kept potatoes in trays such as these to ‘chit’ – or develop growing shoots before being planted out. Printed onto the side of these trays are the names of farms or farmers that they belonged to.


    The trays measure 75cm (29½ inches) by 43cm (17½ inches) with a depth of 9cm (3½ inches). The end handles rise another 7.5cm (3 inches) above the top of the tray.


    These characterful items could be used in a variety of ways – in your garden or shed for drying onions, potatoes or spring bulbs, for tool or plant pot storage, or in your home for storing linens, or they could make the perfect wedding prop, bringing rustic country style to your celebration.

    Wooden potato trays

    SKU: 952-955